Internet safety tips for children and teens

There are many occasions in which children and adolescents often make use of Internet services, and any other place where they need to register and request an email address. Then we give you some important safety tips that can take into account, so they can be protected in the use of internet and email services.

The personal information

Under no circumstances, should provide personal information if their parents have not given them permission. This does not mean that, if they register in an email, should put dummy data, but if they have the need to do so, then take the safety tips and tell their parents to see the website in which they are recorded. If it is one sure, then their parents give them permission to make the entry of important data such as last name, home address, names or phone numbers. It may be that you have the wrong service provider email, and are not entering your important data in a safe place.

Consejos de seguridad en internet para niños y adolescentes

Just think, if a person is asking you online personal information, there is nothing to force them to give it, so between safety tips, we have them ask their parents whenever it comes to personal information.

Important passwords

Under no circumstances should share with others their email passwords or anywhere else, should do so with their parents only. If you make use of a public computer, ie, one that used other people then always have to log out of your email or social networks, should always check this before getting up from the computer.

Share photos

It is best not to do so, unless they are parents who give them permission to upload photos or videos. Also applies to email, since many times other people can ask that we send photos immediately. Take close attention to these excellent safety tips.

Consejos de seguridad en internet para niños y adolescentes 2

Friends we have in internet

Consejos de seguridad en internet para niños y adolescentes3

Sometimes we send emails, other people end up making our friends, today, email providers offer real-time chats, so many people chatting by these means. They should not accept anyone (even your friend) found somewhere, unless your parents go with you or they who give them permission.

There are people who pose as our friends, and if we do not know in person then it is very dangerous to plan a meeting with them. Not everything on the internet and in emails is real.

Email Advertising

If you have not told their parents, do not buy anything, sometimes they send messages with offers, which might make us fool ourselves in a very easy way. Let us follow the safety tips so that everything goes well for us.


E-mails, Internet safety for children

Surfing the web, it has become an excellent way to be informed and to have communication and interaction with people around the world. It offers a lot of possibilities that you could not even imagine, however, just as happens with other media, it is also possible that minors have access to the Internet and this may not provide a very friendly face, put there are many contents that as parents, we do not want the boys had the opportunity to see.

Correos electrónicos, la seguridad en internet para los niños

The email

On the web, you can find a lot of content that children will be as wonderful, is full of exciting and interesting to communicate and learn the most ways, they will have no doubt use it. The safest thing is to begin creating emails, which will use to register in many places they should not, and to download all kinds of content.

It could also be that your emails are created in order to spend interacting with your friends, maybe use it for school or even games projects, for this reason is that “prohibit the creation of e-mails” is not the idea to be to have, but if we can give some advice about using an e-mail, so they can not be easily deceived by any improper message.

dark side of email

Although they have a mailing address, it is something that involves many advantages, there is also a dark side, as they can receive all types of content submitted by real people, or even automated systems, which do not bring anything good, except that there are also messages emails are false and could be even criminal elements.

Advice that we should give our children

The first thing to explain, is that messages that fall to them in the SPAM folder, not be opened for any reason, since this is where often fall messages requesting a reply with personal information.

We do not know if there could be any offender who find out somehow the mailing address children, and send them a message requesting data entry in exchange for funny pictures, or in exchange for access to a site of interest of the child, which will be a big temptation and could make you send all your data. always Advise children not be sent at any time by email, data such as your full name, etc …, much less home address, parents’ names, etc …

Another important tip is that they should know that any site that prompts you to enter a credit card is not necessarily reliable. In other words, they should always go to mom and dad and ask if they can buy something online, and never take these documents on their own and enter them on websites received by email.


The best email encryption service free

On many occasions, we think that having an email from the best known, is not enough, and for that reason we chose to look for a free email encryption, through which we can be assured of greater security of our emails and all important data on our account. But neither is that we can choose either to the race, since later we will realize that not all are equally good, here are some providers of free email encryption to choose from, which have their free versions and also payment.

Counter Mail

Mail counter

I think this is perhaps one of the best email services free encryption that we will have the opportunity to use on the network (or at least what we can visualize in your specifications). According to the information we can read about the service, the servers that it owns, make use of LiveCDs, and also have a lot of RAM, through which we noticed a very optimum performance, and sent messages are encrypted using OpenPGP.

We are talking about a service that is actually paid, however, has a trial period in which we will use totally free, and we can also find other interesting options, such as using a USB key, with the which we have the option to store your key and make use of this service no matter where we are.


This is a service that offers the option of free email encryption, is available for individuals and also for business people. If we use the free version, you’ll notice that we have available up to 25 MB of storage, and also we have to compromise to have an active service, and for this we would have to enter at least once every three weeks, although it also has payment options very interesting and give us the secure mail we’ve always needed.

This is a service that already has long running, however, be borne in mind that, within its terms and conditions, we will notice that offer collaboration to the writs of Canada (we know it is a Canadian company that sometimes already he has been involved in some controversy).


This is a service that is located in the country of Switzerland, and also offers the option of having a free email encryption for all users. We talk about a mail service that allows us the option to encrypt messages using OpenPGP.

the protection of the IP address that the user (in this way makes it anonymous virtually), is given and the possibility of migration of a domain to service supported (and thus have a corporate email our company which is further equipped with security).

With this it is clear that there are more options than we think regarding secure email.


The best Secure email service free

The decision to create an email account, is not something that is considered too easily, in fact, if we think if it really worth doing at any provider. For this reason, then we want to show several email providers free, so you can select the one that you think is best. All have many advantages and offer good features that others do not have.

you must not create an email account in anyone find out there to begin with, do not know if they could shut tomorrow and lose all your email very important to you. Here are email providers free and secure:

correo electrónico seguro, servicio de correo seguro


It is considered as the best service provider free or free email you can find at the moment, the truth is that it is very simple and very easy to use. It has as one of its advantages, offering up to 10GB of free storage space.

Zoho Mail

If you want a free secure email, Zoho is an excellent choice, as it is especially aimed for professionals. At your disposal are a calendar, you will have a task manager, instant chat and notes, there are many business applications to your availability. The truth is that it is considered very easy to set up, and can be administered in a quick manner. You have the option to opt for a Lite plan, this has up to 5 GB of internal storage of email that are exclusive user

This is the email service that has always been known as Hotmail, however, Microsoft wanted to reinvent it completely, now the account has a user interface that looks much neater, you do not have any ads on the display they are annoying. It is possible to connect to social networks directly from the account, it can be integrated storage space One Drive and offers applications Word, Excel and PowerPoint online. It is one of the best that you can choose between the free email free.

Yahoo mail

This is one of the best free email providers you sure you can find on the internet, best of all is that it is available for use from the web browser, and also through the mobile application has been developed.

You can have a storage of emails has no limit, regarding these social networks, instant messaging or text messages also in the classic format SMS.

You have the option to attach files to your emails, the amount of these can be up to 50 and their size can reach up to 100 MB through a single email.

If you create an account in these email providers that you mentioned, then you can feel very safe, since your personal details are handled by companies that have long-standing commitment to this and, especially without charging a penny.


Email Security

Currently, we can say that email is one of the largest media for spreading virus infections and most widely used worldwide. There are many ill-intentioned people who seek only playing online threats, and seeking ways to threaten the safety of users.

Seguridad de correo electrónico

Here are some tips to have more email security, and we are sure you will help a lot:

Never send strings

This is a practice that you should avoid, it is send strings, because in most cases are related to deceptions that threaten the safety of users. Now if you want to send or forward a message to many people at once in some cases, it is recommended that you make use of the field that says Bcc (blind carbon copy), which serves to insert into this space all directions. Now this will cause messages from other users who send messages do not appear and are not displayed by all.

You can also take, a few seconds to clear the addresses of the previous message, which are contained in the message body when you think about making forwarding it. This for better email security.

Never make publishing your email

We tend to post it on forums, social networks, blogs, in many online conversations with our friends, and this allows us to make things easier for those users who like to spend sending SPAM easily find your account , and may be put on the list of mass mailing SPAM, and if we email security, we definitely have to forget about this practice.

You can make use of alternative accounts

Just in case you have to navigate, or the need to register with sites that have a dubious origin, then you can keep your email safe using alternative accounts.

This is done with the purpose to avoid receiving SPAM, which can become a huge volume and directly in our inbox primary email. It is also recommended that we make use of temporary post office, which end up throwing away, there are some interesting services like 10 Minute Mail, this way you will not need to fill our mailbox spam and keep email security intact.

It is always good that we can have more than one account per email, at least we could mention 2 to 3 and each can have a specific purpose, as an example we can say, one that is assigned to work, one for staff and other things to check into public use.

After all, the email security depends not only supplier, but also of us and the way we use the account, we hope that the tips can serve as extremely useful.